Sorry For Marketing

We live in the loudest and noisiest era in the history- a time when consumers (You and Me) have won the war for our own attention. We have so much choice facing us in every imaginable form, medium, screen, etc., that we have all the power over media and marketers, because if we don't like something, we can easily find a replacement. So anyone hoping to reach must first start by becoming the chosen one. So folks, the name of the game today is Attention! Can you Grab It? Can you Retain It? And most importantly Can you Convert It? The biggest issue today is to retain the attention span of your end consumer, how can you stand out from the million voices selling the same thing and talking about the same growth? The answer is very simple and can be explained in a single quote! “A good brand meet needs but a great brand create needs” A great marketing strategy must know what its target audience wants even before they want it. How can you make sure that you know what the customer wants before he wants it? No, it is not magic. It takes proper market research and understanding of the customer before you even make that move into marketing. From ads to viral marketing, there are a million ways you can make sure that your brand comes on top but if you want to ensure that they remember the brand name even in their dreams you need to brand your products and not market them! And sorry for marketing!

Posted on: 26/10/16

Krishnan Nair

- Senior Digital Strategist