8 Steps To Build Emotional Connect Through Your Brand Stories

In today's business world, you are no longer competing with the businesses which are on to your next street, town or city. Instead, you are competing with the whole world, which is why creating your own brand is indispensable. The more crucial thing that lies here is engaging your customers emotionally and built a loyal hoop within.


The trump card here is to create your brand story inorder to build an emotional connection with your brand and your customer. Here are a few tips on building your brand story that will not only engage your customers but also will secure the future of your business for a long time.


1) Choose your character

Every story should have a character with which your customers can relate to, only then it is easy for you to drive your story forward successfully. Some business feature cartoons while others use a marketing director speaking in the first person about their life. The keyword here is "relatability."


2) Scrutinize yourself

Take a good look at your business in the web, address any negative rumors and facts and build on the good things that are posted about your business. If you already have an impressive online reputation there is no need to create a brand persona again. Appear trustworty on the internet and back up the claims that you

are making.


3) Establish your story

Creating a bond between you and your customer through your brand story will earn you their loyalty. A great brand story will make your customers feel for you in some way. For this reason, you cannot just create some supernatural topic out of thin air and start weaving fairy tales. Deciding what exactly your story should be the next important step.


4) Apply your story throughout your business

After deciding on your story, the next step is to stick with your story throughout. By using an editor or setting up an extensive style guide or brand guidelines, make sure that your communications and brand content fits in your story. It is important that you don't fall, victim of every business worst nightmare: incoherence


5) Find out your competition

No matter what, your competitors will be looking out for what you are doing and you should be doing the same to them. Make sure that your narrative and stories set you apart as the clearly better option, and it’s hard to do that without knowing exactly what they’re up to. You need to have a good idea of what the crowd is doing if you really want to stand out from it.


6) Gel with your writers

Whether you are having an in-house writing team or freelancers, make sure that you both have a good working relationship with them. It is important that your writers understand the purpose of your brand and being aware of the importance of consistency. Your writers reflect your business to the outside world, so it’s highly important that they understand you, and that they are giving out the exact image and narrative that you’re looking for. You can only be sure to get this from them by having an open and honest two-way street of communication.


7) Don't fake anything

Internet users are savvy, and they can tell when someone is trying to use buzzwords to pull on their heart strings. So, While building your emotional brand story, anything phony or fake is clear to them even from a million miles away. So the key here is to write authentically; producing real stories that represent your actual values and interests.


8) Create flawless content

After working tirelessly to establish an emotional connection with your customers, the last thing you want is loosing your customers distracted by silly mistakes. A simple spelling and grammar check is a great way to fix this silly errors.


Consistency and quality are the key ingredients to keep in mind while writing to build an emotional connection through brand stories. Following the steps listed above helps you to have an awesome story arc that secures your business and clients, and ensures satisfied and return customers.

Posted on: 19/09/17

Rahul Krishnan

- Content Writer