An Advertising Revolution Begins

Someone once said, "When in doubt, trust onto GOD.” Not the guy upstairs but the search giant, Google aka GOD(Google On Demand) aka Mr. Know-It-All. This big guy is whom we trust when we need to know something, meaning anything under the sun. 

Now, everyone “Googles” everything today. *That’s a never ending list*  Trust us, Google shows you close to a million results when you search something. What changed over the years is how it showed you those results. Back then, the page had 10 to 15 results along with ads in the right column related to your search. Later, results became an ad in themselves. The fact that Google evolved rapidly in short span seems a bit scary. Because, a decade is all that took for Google, to optimize and advance itself way ahead in the tech world.

Thus, Google became the biggest and most popular online ground to play around with online ads. *Cause The Game Is On*  

While Google was busy with Orkut, Mark Zuckerburg launched "The Facebook" in 2003. The social network which was once just a space to connect with friends is now "The Market Space" to sell your brand. After all being a social media network is just a part of Facebook's Job Description. 

Technology as we know it is still a baby in the cradle. The evolution of technology over the last 25 years is tremendous, that everything we do today can be done twice better tomorrow. Google and Facebook change the way we use technology every day only to help us understand our needs better. 

“In the world of marketing, understanding the “Need" solves half the problem.”

From desktop to mobile, data is everywhere. The more the data, the more accurate marketing becomes. The tide of ads that we see today on Facebook, is mostly the result of our own doings. The things we post, the pages we like, the comments we make and so on. With every business owner wanting more sales at every click to customers looking for the right product/service, the gap is bridged smoothly by today's technological revolution. 

The Revolution of Digital Ads is just getting started. More shall come...

Posted on: 23/05/17

Aravind Bharat

- Content Writer