Remember the film Disclosure where Michael Douglas uses the DIGIcom’s Virtual Reality system, that one tech we all wanted for a long time. Well that was two decades ago, when VR was just entering the market.

Now, where are we with VR today?

VR is cool, geeky and awesome. Well, it is also in the cloud(Everyone is there). Okay, that is vague and simple. So here are few things you can do with VR.

VR takes customer experience to a whole new level.

E-commerce sites will allow you to try out those cool boots to Armani suits to everything on Amazon.(Builds a strong customer satisfaction).Like cloud technology, everyone is getting into VR. 

From NASA to Sony to Google, well everyone is into it. NASA is using VR to let their scientists take a walk on Mars. Which is way more fun than The Martian movie.

Sony Playstation has a VR headset which makes Batman: Arkham cooler than ever. FIFA, Halo, Battlefield, Resident Evil, etc. the list goes on. Be that sniper, feel that experience deeper than ever. Fly that F-22 or drive that Audi TT, VR gaming has no limits.

Forget gaming, Travel is a huge kickstarter for VR.

Imagine you are in New York and you think of a place in the world, take that VR headset and TADA, you can see a million places that are thousand miles away.

Not just travel, many Real estate agencies are bringing VR to help their customers choose the best property after they have a virtual experience of the same.

AutoDesk is coming up with new versions of their  design softwares where VR is integrated into it. This just took engineering to the next level. From building a car to a bridge to light rails, get to see and feel the product.

While in the healthcare segment, VR allows doctors to combine the three-dimensional CT scans and real time monitoring systems to perform complicated surgeries.

Not just surgeries, VR is helping doctors in rehab of PTSD patients and help in the recovery of those with  stroke.

Virtual Reality is the new way to get live entertainment. Watch NFL to NBA without having to spend on the ticket and sit in your comfy couch.

Well, that is indeed some awesome things you can do with VR.

Posted on: 11/04/17

Aravind Bharat

- Content Writer