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The Success Story of a Texas Audiology Clinic

This Texas based Clinic used to spend $2000 every month on their digital marketing, but hardly found it successful for almost a year. They payed $11 for every click on their ads and their walk-ins was at an average of 10-15 a month.  

About 6 months back, they approached us to revamp their digital marketing.  Our team of Digital Strategists and Marketing Automation experts got down to work, took all the inputs that was needed and came up with customized strategies for every digital platform. We began with personalizing every step of their customer's journey with our marketing automation service.

First we made use of the Big Data we mined to identify the ideal customer and then curated Ads to fit them exclusively. This is where the Intent based Ads came to play.

  1. This AI based ad system identified keywords from social media conversations and displayed the ad to the right person at the right time.

  2. Not just ads, the system incorporated automated calls and SMS to reach out to prospective clients.

  3. This system ensured 40% increased brand visibility and awareness.  

With this improved strategy we were able to bring down the cost of ad clicks to $3 on average and increase their traffic by 300% with 600+ clicks per month generating 200+ leads.  But the story doesn't stop there, we nurtured those 200 odd leads using our customized marketing journey that we created and converted them into walk-ins.

Bottomline: The clinic saw an average number of 15-20 walk-ins every week, closing up to 50-60 walk ins in a month.

Now the good news, we can deliver similar results for your business too!

Cheers to more customers and more sales!

Posted on: 31/01/17


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